The Loving, Merciful, Wonderful, True Master!

What a joy to know that you are showing the whole Universe that you love God more than anything, and it points to Who the authority is in this Universe
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A Typical Dieter’s Day

Let us start off looking at the typical dieter getting up in the morning. Once you decide on a diet, you have to check that particular diet’s list and select the ri
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How to Stay Motivated for Lasting Weight Loss

Let me talk you into wanting God over food or other idols. I have spent most of my life reasoning with people who think they are going to
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The Secret to Quick Weight Loss

The best things to fill your time and mind with are selfless things. Jesus Christ spent His life focusing on the will of God. All other preoccupations c
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What are You Focused on?

Again, you fall in love with what you focus on. What are you focused on? God created this phenomenon in hopes that you would find Him, not become dependent on i
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The Treasures of a Relationship with God

God knows things that only you and He would know about—personal, secret, extremely special, private things. God knows the things that personall
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Rewards and Jewels

God rewards you when you wait on Him and depend on Him for everything. It is all about depending on and waiting on God to supply your need.