How to Sense Internal Controls

When you start the journey, it is not uncommon to have no idea about what your internal senses are telling you. If you have never looked for the Voice of
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How to be Free from Obsessive Body Focus

Focused on taking care of the body and body focus are two different things. There are many different degrees of body focus that I have run into
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The Temptation to Diet

It is tempting to diet because you instinctively know that SELF can control your day instead of God. It is tempting to diet, for instinctively you know that you stil
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The Expectation of More

Man-made rules from medicine, religion, science, philosophy, psychology, etc. do not work because they intuitively get you to focus on yourself—your favorite subjec
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Why Diets Will Never Work, Part III

.“These are all destined to perish with use, because they are based on human commands and teachings.” Diets are man’s regulations telling you what to
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Why Diets Will Never Work, Part II

Diets or man-made rules have “an appearance of wisdom,” but in actuality are not wise. Since the beginning of time, godless men have made up godless re
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A Delightful Menu

God wants us to taste and enjoy all kinds of foods, including desserts, because it lets you know just how giving and delightful He really is...