March 20, 2020

The Law of Diminishing Returns

Slowing down could help to prevent your stomach from getting stuffed...
March 15, 2020

A Hint for Finding Hunger

One reason some people cannot find hunger is that they are not allowing themselves to get hungry. They wait part of the day for hunger, but finally give in and eat before the stomach signals hunger...
March 1, 2020

How to Recognize Head Hunger

Once you begin to wait for true physiological hunger, you discover that there is another feeling of hunger. It is your own “I am not hungry, but I want it anyway” will. We will call this head hunger, sensual desires, or greed...
February 28, 2020

What Happens When You Eat Past Full

If you eat quickly, you will bypass the polite full feeling. It takes approximately 20 minutes for the brain to detect the “satisfied” feeling...
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