Gwen Shamblin Lara

November 7, 2019

A Beautiful Relationship of Love for God

Do you watch the feet of Jesus and concentrate on what He did? He always spoke the truth in love and stayed busy in Kingdom work every day, not caring about what naysayers thought but only what the needs of the people were. Christ lost Himself in God and now has right-hand recognition and position and power...
August 28, 2019

An Endless River of Love

It is when you finally see that True Love is the greatest force on Earth and is the power that raises the dead from the grave—because it gives life everywhere it goes—that is when you will want to seek it far more than anything else on Earth or in space or in the depths of the sea...
December 2, 2018

How Do You Commit?

So how do you commit to your authority? How do you commit to God? You lay down fears that you will be abused. Being under authority does not mean that women only find identity and meaning in their lives through their husbands and children. Just because Christ served the world under the authority of God, it does not mean that Christ lost His identity. So do not fear...