You are Special to the Heavens

Remember, everyone has tough days, but food can no longer be your comfort or reward during these hard days...
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I’m Not Hungry Anymore

Gwen Shamblin Devotional
God is my morning and my night; He is my Alpha and Omega. He is the Beginning and the End. God is my everything and He is your everything, but you might not know that yet. There is nothing that He can't do, and He wants to show you if you would only give Him the floor for a few minute
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Come…Let Us Worship Him!

Merry Christmas! Praise God for today! Whom, or what, have you come to worship on this day? Do you adore the praise of family members or other people? Then you have missed the mark. Do you behold the food that is before you? Then you will become like a refrigerator. Do you adore mat
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