Gwen Shamblin Lara has changed thousands of people’s lives around the world. To understand her incredible impact on others, here is a very small sampling of the thousands of heartfelt sermons she has given over the years.

The Picture of a Wholehearted Saint

What does it mean to live as a Christian? What should your daily life and relationships look like? And how is it different from any other religion? Watch this video to get a thorough understanding of what it means to build a personal relationship with God and how to imitate His son Jesus Christ.Recorded LIVE on August 23, 2014

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Love from the Heavens

Remnant Fellowship Presents “Love from the Heavens” Have you ever wondered why there is so much pain and suffering in the world and how to respond? What do you do when someone is hurting or depressed? How should you react when someone lashes out at you? In this video, you will hear answers and learn how you can find peace and love in the midst of strife.

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Experiential Faith – The Power of God

The Remnant is a group of people who show the power of God by our changed lives. We are witnessing something so powerful that we cannot deny the hand of God, the existence of the God of the universe. In this sermon, Gwen Shamblin explains that this movement that was founded at the turn of the century, is not a new religion, but it is a continuation of the directives that were written down by all the true prophets of God. While the world is becoming more obese, divorce is on the rise, and children are more and more out of control…at the Remnant, thousands upon thousands of pounds of weight has been lost in this congregation, marriages that were on the brink of divorce are now restored, people who were in bad health are completely healed, and children who were out of control are now back under the authority of their loving parents. Your choice of religion is the most important decision you will make and should be based on your experience — watch this sermon to witness a place, a leadership, and body of people who prove God’s existence by the power of their changed lives…and please come visit to see firsthand!

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Listen To What Christ Says

Did you know that your relationship with God and your ability to lay down sin is directly connected to your doctrinal view? Most of us were given our religious doctrine by our family, and we accepted it because it was how we grew up. We embraced the religion that was taught to us and oftentimes we were left unfulfilled and longing for more! Hypocrisy left many of us questioning, bitter, and stuck in sin. Then when we came to Weigh Down and listened to different teaching, we realized that our definition of who God the Father and Jesus Christ was had a direct parallel to whether not we could effectively lay down our strongholds. In this sermon, Gwen Lara sheds light on how Jesus Christ lived out His Father’s will and how you can too. Discover discrepancies in the widely taught and accepted trinitarian doctrine which deserves a long, hard, second look. Challenge yourself to open your heart and listen with non-biased ears to a teaching that has set thousands free from the burden of hypocrisy, sin and confusion. May God bless you as your journey down the road to Truth and freedom and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call our office.

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